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Autumn Activities

The fall season offers a lot to celebrate, from gorgeous foliage colors, pumpkins to Thanksgiving. Unsurprisingly, autumn is, to many, the best season of the year. Given the optimal weather, you should definitely recreate and enjoy outdoor activities as much as possible. Here are a few ideas on celebrating this autumn season sustainably.

Buy local and seasonal produce: Rather than buying off-season groceries, buy seasonal produce at the Rochester Public Market or your local market if studying remotely. Grab some corn, pumpkins and apples to encourage your local farmers! Not only you will get fresher produce, but you will also reduce your net carbon emission.

Go apple picking: Speaking of local produce, why not harvest them yourself? Apple picking is for instance a go-to fall activity. It is an excellent way to bridge the disconnect between the farm and the plate, and you will appreciate your food even more. You can then try out homemade recipes such as apple cider or apple pie!

Erie Canal, Rochester NY

Go for a bike ride or a hike: Exploring nature is the best activity you can do in these times; a great opportunity to enjoy the nice weather and hang out with friends in a socially distanced manner. The Rochester area has a lot of natural spots that are worth exploring: Highland park, Genesee valley park, etc.

Craft projects: On rainy days, when outdoor activities are not as feasible and you have extra time, you can experiment with craft DIY projects such as fall decorations or even CDC-compliant reusable face masks. The relaxing activities can enhance your emotional state and help you better focus.


Written by Kelly Jean, Class of 2021

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

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