General Tips to Address Climate Change

Climate change is a very relevant topic in today’s society. We often hear about it on the news and witness politicians debating about policies to address it, but what does climate change actually mean? Climate change is a term to describe both global warming increased by greenhouse gases, and the dramatic weather pattern changes that result from it. Many experts believe climate change is endangering the future of our planet and will continue to do so unless we intervene.

The University, like many other insitutitions around the world, strives to join the sustainable movement in various ways like supporting environmental-focused student organizations and utilizing its Cogeneration plant to provide electricity and heat for its campuses. More information about the initiatives is outlined here.

The University also encourages its students, faculty, and affiliates to take action on their own. Emily Beacon outlines a few general ways you can help to address climate change. A quick glimpse of these tips are listed below, but we recommend visiting the original post for more details.


  • Alternative transportation

The University encourages offers and encourages alternative transportation with its ride-sharing or bike rental programs. Take advantage of these programs along with the free shuttle bus on and around campus.


  • Save energy

There are many simple ways to save energy around the house and throughout your daily tasks. For ideas, refer to the tips of the week page.


  • Reduce meat

Did you know reducing meat can significantly reduce gas emissions? University Dining Services offer vegetarian and vegan options at its facilities.


  • Reduce, repurpose, reuse, recycle

Remember these four R’s to help divert and reduce waste in our landfills.


  • Inform and teach

Knowledge is power! The more we work together, the better our environment will be. We’ve made it easy to share tips and suggestions with our social media platforms. Be sure to keep up current University sustainability events and programs by following UR Sustainable on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.



Written by Emily Su, Class of 2022.

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  1. I think we should more focus on elemination of single use plastic & using green fuel instead of fossil fuels. Install solar power in your home for instance.

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