Repurposing Food Containers

Has quarantine left you with some extra food and beverage containers? You’re not alone, but did you know that a few easy projects can turn any container into a useful tool?

Here are a few ways to repurpose packaging containers around the house:

  • Plastic Salad Containers

Create your own mini greenhouse by filling salad containers with soil and seeds. Your plants will thrive in the warm and damp environment. Plus, salad containers already have holes to give your plants the right amount of circulation.

  • Milk Jugs

Poke holes in the cap of an empty milk jug and use it to water your plants. Tip: draw lines on the jug to keep track of how much water you give a plant.

  • Creamer Bottles

Use these containers to store snacks so they don’t go stale. Simply peel off the labels, hand wash the bottles, and they’re ready to use.


  • Wine Caps

Make your own candle wax and pour it into wine caps for a unique look. Read more about repurposing candles from our other article here.

  • Soup Cans

These containers make it easy to start a fresh herb garden at home. They are small enough to place on a windowsill and easy to take care of.

  • Coffee Containers

Create a bird feeder to liven up your garden. Cut a small opening at the bottom of the container and glue it to a plastic plate or tray. The screw-on cap at the top makes it easy to refill when needed.

If you have other containers that you would like to reuse and repurpose, Pinterest and a simple Google search is a good first step.


How can we prevent adding to the already large amount of packaging waste? Try purchasing items that you consume frequently from a local grocery store and ask if they sell items in bulk. For more information on which items to buy in bulk, please read this article. Additionally, using reusable containers like glass tupperware and reusable snack baggies can help reduce waste while allowing you to meal prep in advance.


Written by Emily Su, Class of 2022

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