Sustainable Swimwear

The summer season’s got us in our swim suits! Here are a few ways to be a little more sustainable in your swimwear choices:

  • Wear your old swimsuits. If it’s an option and you still have them, it’s much better to wear what you already own than trying to keep up with the fast fashion trends and adding extra things to your wardrobe. A simple black suit is like a little black dress; it never goes out of style!
  • Buy upcycled swimsuits. No, I don’t mean buy swimsuits that other people have already worn; that’s a bit unsanitary. There are, however, many swimsuit companies that use recycled fabrics or even materials from things like old fishing nets. There are plenty of options online for your perusal.
  • Opt for higher quality (yes, this likely means it will be higher priced as well). Swimsuits can last a long time if you are willing to spend the money on high quality materials and design. Again, choose a style that will outlast a fad.
  • Don’t wear a bathing suit. Wear clothes that you own instead like cotton shorts and a tank top. They will take longer to dry, but they can definitely work at a beach; maybe not as well in chlorinated pools, though. Alternatively, go for a nude beach and leave the swimsuits on the shelves.

Written by Mariah Greico, Class of 2018

Photo thanks to: Pixels

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