Tips for a Greener Garden

With so many of us spending more time at home and distancing, this has been a very big year for home projects and gardening. If you are a beginner taking a shot at a flower or vegetable garden for the first time this year, or if you want to enhance your garden to be more eco-conscious, here are 3 simple tips.

1- Make sure you plant at the right time and care for each plant’s individual needs. Remember to be mindful that not all plants need the same care and have various needs for sun and water. Be sure to give your garden the best chance to thrive so you can fully reap the benefits your plants have to offer. This planting calendar makes it easy to know when it is best to plant and harvest your vegetables, flowers, fruits and herbs depending on what planting zone you live in.

2- Fertilize your garden with organic compost. You can always purchase compost, or sometimes municipalities will even give it away for free. But maybe you have thought about starting your own compost pile for a while and now having more time at home makes it the ideal time for you. Here is a simple method for creating a compost system at home, without too much mess or labor.

3- Use a rain barrel. We all know plants need water. We also know water is a precious resource that may be scarce depending on where you live. Collecting rainwater is a great way to care for your garden while conserving water. There are many options available to purchase. Or, follow the instructions in this video to make a DIY rain barrel at home.

Happy gardening!

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