Welcome Dax!

Facilities Team Green has a new member. Dax Emerson has joined as a sustainability programs coordinator.

Dax is a member of the Class of 2021, pursuing a degree in Anthropology. Deeply invested in studying the development of human cultures over time, Dax has always been curious about how our species has utilized and changed the global environment.  His interest in agriculture led Dax to pursue a number of research projects throughout middle and high school. When Dax learned of the EcoReps program upon admittance to the University of Rochester, he knew he had to sign up.  Dax went on to become a coordinator for the EcoReps program, wherein open dialogue and thoughtful inquiry into the concept of sustainability was encouraged.

Dax is from Round Rock, TX, and remains a Texan at heart wherever he goes.  However, he is honored to be a member of the University of Rochester community, and looks forward to continuing to explore the city.  Outside of Facilities Team Green, Dax loves to run, study geography, volunteer at urban farms in Rochester, and practice the Japanese language.  After graduation, Dax hopes to teach English and urban agriculture in Japan for some time.

Photo Credit: Sylvia Anderson Photography

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