Images of Endangered Plant Species

What springs to mind when you think of endangered species in the United States? Most people conjure images of fragile butterflies, rare birds and elusive prairie wolves. But hidden in waterways, meadows and forests, over 800 plant species are silently fighting for survival — with no big-budget nature documentary to highlight their plight.

Using the United States Department of Agriculture’s resource,

NetCredit created a series of illustrated posters of the most endangered or threatened plant in every US state.

Below is the Arnica of New York. This North American take on the well-known arnica plant is nicknamed clasping arnica or lanceleaf arnica. Arnica is a member of the sunflower family. This particular species boasts a small, daisy-shaped flower of yellow petals around a center of brown, tubular disk flowers. It is rare around the world, and the New York populations are particularly vulnerable because they grow in small enough groups to be wiped out in a single disturbance.



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