Sustainability Superstar: The Department of History

A few months ago, the Green Reps newsletter shared its Green Office Checklist. Jacqui Rizzo (pictured right, with Kristi Pakusch), the administrative assistant in the Department of History, contacted us shortly afterward to share a list of the sustainability initiatives implemented by her department. The history department has made several changes across the board to be greener every day, including:

  • Cutting back on paper by doing as much as possible electronically
  • Stocking the kitchenette with reusable plates, cups, silverware, and travel mugs
  • Having a “free” table in the department for items that need a new home (books, binders, reusable grocery bags, etc.) instead of throwing them away
  • Displaying easy-to-spot recycling bins with instructions
  • Using natural light in offices and turning off the lights in the common spaces whenever the room is not in use

Bravo to all the members of the history department! Keep up the good work.

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