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5 Summer Essentials


With summer on the horizon, let’s make sure to respect and protect the planet. Listed below are 5 sustainable tips for summer essentials.

  1. Sunscreen

When buying sunscreen, make sure to pay attention to the ingredients. Chemicals like octinoxate and oxybenzone damage coral reefsthat require a delicate balance of temperature and pH in the water. Sun damage is a serious health risk so to ensure the wellbeing of both you and our coral reefs, pick up brands like the ones that are conveniently listed in the link below:

  1. Bug spray

Enjoying the summer air is a simple pleasure but let’s be honest, being in a sea of bugs is far from pleasant and coming home polka-dotted with bug bits is an unpleasant sight. Bug spray lets us enjoy the outdoors comfortably but some bug sprays contain high amounts of DEET which can be toxic to the environment. Products with 10 percent or less of DEET is recommendedfor both human and environmental safety.

  1. Skip the novelty plastic items like floaties and beach balls

These items are often not made to last and are fated to find themselves in our landfills. Skip the unnecessary plastic and go for more sustainable options like wooden beach paddles.

  1. A good book

This may seem simple but there is a sustainable way to go about this. Kindles and Nooks are convenient but the externalities of manufacturing and transporting these products is harmful to our environment. Instead of electronic readers or buying a new book, head to your local library or second hand shop for a good read.

  1. Ethical outfits

Sunglasses, hats, swimsuits. All essentials to enjoying the summer sun. When buying these items do keep in mind how important your dollar is. Make sure to support local businesses, brands that exemplify sustainable practices, or simply buy second hand to save money and our environment.


Written by Anamaria Flores, class of 2021


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  1. I love citronella oil or lemongrass as a bug deterrent! It just smells like summer, and is eco-friendly for our skin, and also the environment when it washes down the drain!

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