State Budget Brings New Changes to NY’s Waste Polcies

In case you did not hear, the New York State Legislature just passed the Executive Budget which included multiple waste related policy changes.

We want our readers to be aware of what’s new.

The Waste Dive article found here provides a nice summary, but in case you don’t have time to check that out here are the highlights:

  • The New York state legislature passed multiple waste-related policy changes in its $175.5 billion FY 20 budget deal over the weekend. A proposal from Gov. Andrew Cuomo to expand the list of accepted products in the state’s container deposit program wasn’t among them, but two other key items moved after years of effort.
  • Effective January 2022, any establishment that generates more than two tons of food waste per week must separate material for donation and arrange for inedible scraps to be taken to an organics recycler within 25 miles. Temporary waivers will be granted by the state based on factors such as cost and distance.
  • Effective March 2020, the state will prohibit distribution of any “plastic carryout bag” (with some exemptions) and allow cities or counties to implement their own five-cent fees on paper bags. New York City, among other local governments, is now expected to take that step.

The summary above was provided by Luann Meyer, Solid Waste Administrator, Monroe County Department of Environmental Services

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