What’s On My Plate: Phoebe

Check out what I ate in a week for some meal ideas and some sustainability pointers!


I love having a big breakfast after my 9am to keep me full for a long time. This breakfast featured the Bistro Station at Douglass Dining Hall, a breakfast staple. Tater tots, scrambled eggs, turkey sausage, and pancakes. After eating the turkey sausage I realized my breakfast would’ve definitely been fine without it, and that would be an easy place for me to cut meat out of my day.

Lunch was once again at Dougie, featuring the hummus plate from the Kosher Station. It was a much lighter lunch but I was still pretty full from breakfast. Since I had meat with breakfast I made an effort to not eat meat for the rest of the day.


After work I went to Tai Chi in College Town for dinner and got the spicy miso tofu ramen. Choosing a restaurant in college town allows me to walk or take the bus, which is much more environmentally friendly than choosing a location where I have to drive or Uber.



Today was definitely a Douggie day, I’m not gonna lie I’m a BIG fan of Douggie. Once again I got a big breakfast, blueberry pancakes, scrambled eggs, potatoes, and sausage with some orange juice.

For lunch I went back and got the crab cake with a barley, cucumber, and tomato salad.


Dinner was chili, corn, and cornbread from the Kosher station.


I got breakfast and lunch at Douggie again. Eating in the dining hall allows me to reduce on the waste of all the single use containers in the pit. I also like the variety of options I have to eat plant forward meals. Breakfast was cantaloupe, cheesy scrambled eggs, tater tots, and pancakes.


Lunch was an assortment of peppers, cucumbers, yogurt sauce, and quinoa.

For dinner I went to the restaurant Yellow Elephant with a friend and got the tofu yellow curry soup. It was DELICIOUS! Tofu is definitely a great substitute to where I would’ve typically ordered chicken. It has a much better texture in soups and holds the flavor of the broth better.


Today I went out to breakfast with friends, then spent the rest of the day at a coffee shop doing some work. I will admit, today was not the most environmentally conscious food day, but that’s ok. Working to make changes gradually will last much longer than attempting to do it all at once. Breakfast was at Blu Wolf, where I got one of their “Hangover Bowls” that featured eggs, sausage gravy, and pierogies.

I then went to Spot Coffee, and later in the day when I was finally hungry again I got a pastrami sandwich with balsamic greens, and a dirty chai latte. When going to coffee shops if you’re staying a while make sure to ask for a mug “for here” so that not only you can drink from a nicer mug, but it reduces waste.



I started my morning with a classic: the Douggie omelette. I decided to skip on putting a breakfast meat in my omelette because last time I realized my breakfast was fine without it. I accompanied it with some pancakes because I can’t resist as well as some fruit. Later, I went to a coffee shop, Fuego, to do work. I got a latte and some “loaded toast.” The toast had ricotta, micro purples, prosciutto, and balsamic. Fuego is a locally owned coffee shop, and I love being able to support local businesses.

For dinner I was back at Douggie and got a salad, some shrimp corn soup, and butternut squash toast.


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Guest Post Written by Phoebe Konecky, Class of 2019, Dining Team Green Sustainability Intern


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