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A new discovery has been made in the search for life on Mars. A crater on the surface of the red planet has been found to contain 2,200 cubic kilometers of ice. As more life is being found on Mars, more and more people are joining in on the conversation of living on Mars. This presents an idea of a possible planet B which I find troubling. We have so many issues on Earth that need to be resolved and yet we are looking to avoid the consequences of decades of bad habits that have led to so much environmental devastation. Luckily we have scientist working on solving environmental problems here on planet Earth.

Among these scientists is Amory B. Lovins, a physicist who is creating innovations in clean energy. Although he has discovered more energy efficient options he still presses on about the importance of getting energy from renewable resources.

Scientist and one of China’s richest men, Zhengrong Shi, has become the biggest leader of solar powered energy. He is the CEO of Suntech Power, globally one of the biggest manufacturers of solar panels.

Geneticist J Craig Venter is researching ways to make carbon dioxide into a renewable energy by pumping it from the atmosphere to underground to convert it back into methane to use as energy. He is also one of the top innovators in solving the issue of plastic pollution in our ocean.

So, I think before we go looking to escape our problems, we deal with them head-on and protect the one planet we really have.

Written by Anamaria Flores, Class of 2021

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