Sustainability Superstar: Adrienne Canino

Adrienne Canino, Science and Engineering Librarian, River Campus Libraries, joined the University earlier this year and is the newest member of the Green Reps Working Group. Before arriving at Rochester, she worked in environmental conservation and education in Syracuse. Among the varied projects she has worked on over the years, she is most proud of her street tree planting count: more than 500 through her hands and thousands more thanks to her work as a project coordinator for the team. Her favorite teaching approaches involve hands-on methods, from drawing flowers to digging holes. She keeps her “hand” in by volunteering with Genesee RiverWatch to take water samples for its ongoing citizen science projects.

In librarianship, she is excited to use the skills she has developed while working to make our planet a greener place. She plans to create experiential learning and hands-on educational opportunities, both in the dirt and in the digital world. Day to day, she has already earned a reputation as a sustainability superstar for “lugging her mug” around campus to meetings.

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