Green Careers


Careers with an environmental or sustainability focus are on the rise, as more and more companies are hopping on the “green” trend. This increase is also reflected in the colleges and universities that are seeing a rise in the demand for environmentally focused majors.

Students looking to go down this path might be wondering, “What exactly can I do with my “green” degree?” UCLA’s chief sustainability officer Nurit Katz has the answers.

Her article, “Turning Green Degrees into Sustainable Careers” explores everything from why choosing an environmentally focused major is important, to what degrees go best with what careers. If you’re worried about your options post-graduation, Katz is here to assuage your fears. She believes that there is no shortage of opportunities, since “there is a growing demand for sustainability positions and sustainability consulting as companies of all sizes race to demonstrate their achievements to a customer base that is increasingly focused on these issues, and to realize the operational savings and efficiencies from applying smarter, greener business practices.”

Here are just a handful of the possible career paths students can take:

  • Urban Designer
  • Environmental Engineer
  • Environmental Health and Safety Specialist
  • Environmental Lawyer
  • Horticulture Therapist
  • Marine Biologist
  • Civil Engineer
  • Food Scientist
  • Park Ranger

Whether you are pursuing a green degree or considering it, now you know – there’s a sustainable career out there for everyone!

Written by Teddi Shapiro, class of 2019

Photo thanks to Pixabay

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