Student’s Corner

Winter is here, meaning less outdoor activities; but, there are still ways to be eco-friendly. Here are a few tips to support the environment this season.

Buy winter clothing responsibly

The fashion industry has a lot of environmental impacts, but some companies are taking a stand to bring eco-friendly garments to the market. To name a few, Patagonia is known for their sustainable efforts, and reMake makes clothing from discarded plastic bottles. Other companies ensure that their supply chain doesn’t involve child labor or underpaid employees. Invest in these companies is one way of supporting the environment and other humans indirectly.

Grow an indoor garden

Missing the summer’s greenery? You can enliven your apartment or room with indoor plants, ranging from mug-size succulents to eight-feet Umbrella Trees. Among other benefits, indoor plants can help humidify your room’s air by releasing moisture. If you’re going for a small plant, my suggestion would be to grow them aquaponically, which is way neater than soil.

Eat seasonally and locally

During the winter, a large portion of food consumed in Rochester is cultivated at miles away. You can reduce the inevitable carbon emissions by consuming seasonal and local produce. The website Seasonal Food Guide is a handy tool to quickly find seasonal food by period and state. For instance, apples, cabbages, kales, and mushrooms are currently abundant in New York state. You’d better prioritize eating them at the dining halls!

Stay warm with a reusable mug

Are you a coffee or tea lover? Hot drinks will definitely help you combat the extreme temperature. You can add an eco-friendly touch to it by always carrying your reusable mug! Here on River Campus, there’s no reason not to have one, considering that Dining Services rewards you with a free pastry after ten purchases with a reusable mug.


Written by Kelly Jean, Class of 2021

Photo by pparnxoxo on Unsplash