Easy Tips to for an Ethical Thanksgiving

During most days of the year, our food habits are shaped by personal values, lifestyle choices, and yes, time and money constrictions. But food is also something which families, friends, and communities can bond over, especially during the holidays. If you have an alternative diet or are generally conscientious of your food intake, it can also be a difficult season to navigate. But you don’t need to “stir the pot” with your loved ones in order to have a more scrumptious, inclusive, and sustainable meal! There are several easy ways to reduce the carbon emissions of traditional holiday meals. Here are a few suggestions from our beloved campus group, Students’ Association for Vegan and Vegetarian Youth (SAVVY), to make your Thanksgiving a little more compassionate:

  • Make sure to use vegetable broth when making stuffing – most mixes are already vegan!
  • Use soy milk (or any alternative) whenever you can
  • Use margarine  instead of butter (Earth Balance is a personal favorite)
  • Bananas or applesauce are good replacements for eggs if you need moisture in your baking
  • And of course, the Torfurky

If you would like more suggestions, have questions about animal products and environmentalism, or just want to share a photo of your own Ethical Thanksgiving meal, post to our Facebook page, UR Sustainibble!

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Guest Post Written by Sophia McRae, Class of 2019, Dining Team Green Sustainability Intern

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