Wellness is Universal

Eating healthy shouldn’t be a choice between a “good” meal and a “bad” meal. Nutritional value should be present in most meals that we eat. If there is a choice between a “healthy” option and a regular (read: unhealthy) option, this means two things: many people will actually avoid the “healthy” option because they think that it won’t taste as good, and this allows the regular option to be very unhealthy because there was another healthy choice.

However, everybody loves junk food and cutting that out is extremely difficult. Instead of trying to cut out all the “bad” foods, like any processed foods, sweets, soda, candy, and other junk food, it’s much easier and safer to start by adding more healthy foods to your diet, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean meats, low-fat dairy products, nuts, and legumes.

Most of the options in dining halls on campus have some healthy and nutritious aspects to them. In Douglass and Danforth, almost all of the meal options have a side of vegetables come with them or vegetables are a main component of the dish. For example, the allergen-free station in Douglass always includes protein served with a grain and fresh vegetables (a meal with only whole, unprocessed foods) and even at the customizable stations, such as the pasta station, there is always the option to add some spinach or broccoli to your pasta. This eliminates the choice between a meal that is healthy and a meal that is enjoyable, because food should be both. Wellness is universal and should be infused throughout our daily lives, not a conscious choice or sacrifice made every once in a while.

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Guest Post Written by Nicole Franki, Class of 2021, Dining Team Green Sustainability Intern