Student’s Corner

Class in five days! As you are setting goals for the new academic year, it’s important to implement eco-friendly habits in your life. Here are five tips for a green semester:

Become familiar with the new recycling policy. If you are an upperclassman, be aware that recyclable materials are restricted this year. Some items that used to be recycled such as clamshells, single-use Starbucks cups or spiral notebooks, are not accepted anymore. Find the updated recycling guideline here or carefully read recycling posters before placing anything in the bins.

Consider digital textbooks. Though traditional reading is more enjoyable than the digital experience, digital textbooks present many benefits over physical ones, including lightness, cost and more importantly, lower environmental impact. Go paperless this semester by getting the digital version of your textbooks. When studying, reduce the screen brightness and block notifications to take full advantage of digital books and collectively save some trees.                  

Always print double-sided. Whether it’s a writing assignment or a handy syllabus, printing documents is often unavoidable at college, especially if you prefer traditional reading. Before hitting the “print” button, make sure you check “double-sided” to save paper and a few URos.

Use handouts as scrap paper. During the first weeks, you’ll certainly receive tons of informative handouts from different offices and student organizations. Whenever they are one-sided, I use the verso as scrap paper while studying. Yes, you can do the same thing: reuse, then recycle!

Forget single-use containers. It’s easier than ever to skip disposables at the University. You can receive reusable giveaways (coffee mug, water bottle, food container) just by stopping by a green event. On the top of that, almost all buildings on campus have hydration stations, and many coffee shops and markets offer discounts when you bring your own reusable mug or bag. Don’t miss these opportunities!

Happy New Academic Year!!!


Written by Kelly Jean, Class of 2021

Photo Credit: Pexels