Getting Coffee with Sustainability in Mind

Drinking coffee is a vital part of the college experience. Here’s your guide to getting
coffee (or tea) on campus while keeping sustainability in mind.

1) Use a reusable mug! When you use a reusable mug on campus you can get coffee or
tea anywhere on campus for $1.39. If everyone on campus used a reusable mug, we
could be saving over $160,000 a year just on coffee. Not only is this a great green tip but it’ll save you a little green too.

2) Pick up a Team Green Dining reusable mug punch card. These punch cards can be
picked up and used at any coffee location on campus. For every 10 coffees you get in a
reusable mug, you get one coffee for free. Who doesn’t love free coffee?

3) Use a reusable straw. Did you know Americans use 500 million drinking straws every day? Why not switch out your single use straw for a reusable one? The best part is that they’re available right in Starbucks.

And there you have it! 3 simple and easy steps that you can take everyday while drinking coffee or tea on campus. These steps will lower the amount of waste you produce, save you money over time, and lower your carbon footprint.

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Guest Post Written by Patricia Van Valkenburgh, Dining Team Green Manager (Class of 2019)

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