Mail Machinery Amounts in Huge Diversion

University Mail Services Mail Operations Center located on Mt. Hope Avenue serves as more than just the main mail processing facility for the entire University.  The unit also offers mass mailing services to recruit new students, market medical services, distribute information, and solicit donations. They offer discount postage, fast turnaround, and can help generate as much as 30%-40% in postage savings to their customers! Services include database processing, de-duping lists, word merge/variable data printing, color printing, folding, labeling, inserting, and tabbing (wafer sealing).

Recently the operations center found themselves with a piece of equipment that had become obsolete and was taking up a lot of space physically in the building. The pictures shown above and at left are a large ink jet printer that was used to print mass mailings. When faced with the question of what to do with this equipment the University opted to send it to a local metal recycler.

Altogether the equipment weighed in at 9,200 pounds (over 4 tons)! This accounted significantly in the University’s overall waste diversion rate for the last quarter of 2017. Nice work!

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