University Facilities and Services has implemented more outdoor recycling containers on the River Campus, making the choice to recycle more convenient and widely available. These ten new containers are a combination of “Big Belly” Solar Powered Trash Compactor units and Victor Stanley Ironsite containers.

The Horticulture and Grounds staff, in conjunction with the Sustainability Coordinator, worked to bring these new containers to campus as part of the ‘Go Green’ initiative. Supervisor of Horticulture and Grounds John McIntyre was a leading force in moving this project forward. McIntyre says, “In addition to looking forward to the improved efficiencies the containers will offer the Horticulture and Grounds staff, I am proud to be a part of the ‘Go Green’ initiative at the University and hope that these containers will get everyone on campus thinking about recycling and other sustainability efforts.”

Not only do the five new Waste Management “Big Belly” trash compactors (pictured above) utilize renewable solar energy, but they also save labor time as they don’t need to be serviced as frequently.  To further reduce their impact, they are made from 90% post-consumer recycled materials. Attached to the trash compactors are recycling bins to make recycling on the go that much easier. The new “Big Belly” containers are located in the center of the Residence Quadrangle, on the south side of Fauver Stadium, on the north side of Douglass Commons, in between Susan B Anthony Hall and University Health Services, and on the south side of Wegmans Hall.

In addition to the trash compactors, new Victor Stanley Ironsite recycling units (pictured left) have been placed around the River Campus. These units have two separate containers: trash on one side and recycling on the other. They blend in with other outdoor trash receptacles on campus, but they are clearly labeled to make recycling easier. Since Monroe County has become a single-stream recycling facility, these outdoor recycling containers can now accept all mixed recyclables, including paper, plastic and metal items, which means fewer things have to go in the trash. The five new Ironsite containers are located on the west side of Wallis Hall, on the north side of Gavett Hall, in the picnic area between Rush Rhees Library and Meliora Hall, at the entrance to Susan B Anthony Hall, and near O’Brien Hall in Jackson Court.

These new containers make it easier to choose recycling as an option regardless of where you are on campus.

For a map of all of the current existing outdoor recycling containers, please visit this page. For more information on recycling at the University of Rochester and for additional resources, visit our Sustainability Webpage and be sure to explore the rest of our blog.


Written by Mariah Greico, Class of 2018

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