DIY Home Improvement Project with Repurposed Materials

Director of River Campus Facilities Operations Jeff Foster and Memorial Art Gallery Director of Facilities and Security Debbie Foster are a husband and wife duo with an eye for sustainability and style. When some high quality pallets were brought to the Memorial Art Gallery to deliver some pieces, Debbie had a vision for their already in-progress home improvement project of upgrading their bathrooms. Kudos to both Debbie and Jeff for sparing material from the landfill and making that vision come alive! Closeup picture above provided by Jeff Foster. The information and pictures below provided by Debbie Foster.


“The Memorial Art Gallery received equipment for the gallery on wooden pallets. I used the wood from the pallets to make an accent wall in one of our bathrooms at home. I wiped on a gray stain and then wiped it off to give it the weathered look. I left nails and stamped markings on the wood. As you can see in the [top picture] below the dramatic effect it gives the room.  The sign over the toilet I made from drift wood that I picked up on the beach along the lake. In the bottom [picture], I also made a tray that sits over the tub in our second bathroom using the wood from the pallets. I white washed this tray and added industrial type handles.”



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  3. Beautiful result! it has a very rustic look to it. And of course it’s always a plus to say its made from repurposed pallets.

  4. Wow that material looks really cool once it is finished. The pictures really helped seeing how the final project looked. Great job!

  5. I like the idea of an accent wall out of wood pallets! *laugh* “poop deck” good one! I also like the spotlights. A very good DIY job and solution!


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