13 Sustainability Instagram’s You Should Be Following

ur_sustainable – Keep up to date with all things sustainable at UR!

rocket_science – Full of zero waste inspiration and tips.

jannikobenhoff – This is a gorgeous nature photography Instagram. This one mainly focuses on mountains and bodies of water.

milkwood_permaculture – Tons of information about farming and bees.

leonardodicaprio – Leonardo Di Caprio’s Instagram is jam packed with environmental and social justice issues.

wifelife – Rhian’s main focus is veganism and cruelty free products but she’s also really great at trying to live consciously as a whole, such as buying ethically. Plus her dogs are adorable.

livingwastefree – Another amazing zero waste Instagram

finn – An incredible nature Instagram. This one has a little bit of everything that nature has to offer.

ecowarriorprincess – first of all her Instagram is beautiful to look at. It also contains tons of ecofriendly and sustainable living tips.

thegrowist – who doesn’t like looking at pretty flowers and learning how to garden?

alexstrohl – Yet another awesome nature Instagram. Lots of water and country side pictures in this one.

urbanstrongnyc – Focuses on bringing nature back into New York City

nature – tons of nature pictures. Animals, landscapes, they’ve got a bit of everything.


Written by Patricia Van Valkenburgh, Class of 2019

Photo thanks to Pixabay


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