Riding to a Sustainable Future: University Sponsors Zagster Bike Share Program

**UPDATE: Since the publication of this blog post, Zagster has closed. Learn more about the University’s resources for bike commuting and the RTS/City of Rochester bike-share program, HOPR.**

Whether you are an avid cyclist or someone looking for a new way to commute, there is something new to be excited about! The City of Rochester just launched Zagster, a bike share program that lets you ride a bike for as little as $1, with two stations sponsored by the University.

According to University Transportation Manager Andrea Walton, “The University sponsored a station mainly to offer an alternative method of transportation to students and employees, so they could easily access a bike on their lunch hour or in between classes.” University sponsored stations are currently located on Crittenden Blvd. near the Mental Health and Wellness Center and at Meliora Hall. The latter station will be located to the west side of Rush Rhees Library; Meliora Hall location is temporary due to construction. Convenient to the University community, there is also one located in College Town and another in Brooks Landing.

Using Zagster is easy! Riders must download the free Zagster app on their iPhone or Android and use it to choose one of the 340 bikes from 46 stations located in Rochester. When finished, riders end their rental period and pay $1 for every 30 minutes of use. Customers can lock the bike either for free at a Zagster station or at any public bike rack for an extra $1.

Zoe James (Class of ’19) enjoying the Zagster program.

Riders also enjoy the opportunities Zagster brings for social gatherings. “I bike around a lot to get groceries or go downtown, but my friends don’t own bikes so it was a great way for us to do more things together,” said Zoe James ’19. “It is a cheaper option than cabs and it’s a lot more fun riding to places and learning more about Rochester off campus.”Members of the University community have already tried Zagster and shared postivie feedback. Some people like the program for its convenience and accessibility. “I think that the Zagster program is a really neat idea that allows for a lot of people to have access to a way of travel that they may have not had otherwise” said Brant Crouse ’17. “I like how convenient this program is and the different opportunities it opens up on a whim. Whenever you want, you can just go and grab a bike and travel.”

The overall impact of Zagster goes further than just providing consumers with affordable transportation; this bike share program is helping the local community. A city with commuters who choose bikes over cars will lead to healthier people and air. Additionally, Zagster can serve as a link between the University and city communities by giving people access parks, trails, and local businesses.

Members of the University community can receive $5 in ride credits (equivalent to 2.5 hours of rental time) by using the promotional code RideOnUR when downloading the Zagster app. So go out there, get riding, and help save the planet one pedal at a time.


Written by Michaela Burrell, Class of 2020

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  1. Interesting how these sustainability ideas are common in many regions of the world, although more effective in some. Congratulations!

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