What it is like to be a CSA first timer

This year I decided to try out a CSA share. What is a CSA share? CSA is a Community Supported Agriculture. It is a way for farmers to sell local, seasonal produce directly to the community without going through a grocery store or other seller. Benefit to the user is that as a buyer, you get to meet and deal directly with the farmer. You pick up locally grown produce that is freshly picked.

The CSA I joined is called Mud Creek Farm. I assure you I did not join because of the name, but it was a quick drive from my house. My original reason for joining is that I had switched to a vegan diet. The diet lasted 6 months, I found it was not for me. I became extremely lethargic and loss most of my muscle mass, even though I continued to exercise. I likely did not get enough protein, but I am not 100% sure why. Since I went back to a standard diet, my muscle and energy are both back. I do not regret making the decision to join Mud Creek and am looking forward to the season to begin.

I absolutely love vegetables, so this should be an enjoyable experience. The membership comes with access to an online recipe database which should help me with vegetables I am not familiar with. I will be getting greens, herbs, flowers and fruit. I am looking forward to the variety and the change in menu each week. The cost of the membership is on a sliding scale on the honor method; the greater your income the more you should pay.

I will pick up my first share at the end of June. I’ll provide an update and photos throughout the season.


Written by: Patricia Beaumont

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