Ninth Annual Move-Out Cleanout: Second-Largest Year to Date

At the close of every spring semester, students finish their exams and eagerly prepare for summer break. Before anyone can drive or fly home or to their next destination, there is one obstacle that must be faced: moving out. It is during this time that many students realize that they cannot, or do not want to, take everything home that they kept in their dorms during the year. Seeing this as an opportunity in sustainability to better society, the economy, and the environment, Facilities Team Green held its ninth annual Move-out Cleanout event, which encourages students to donate any unwanted clothing, non-perishable food, and electronic items. The donated food and clothing is then sent to Open Door Mission and Planet Aid, respectively, and electronics recycled by Sunnking.

Zi Hopkins (left) and Tom Knoll (right) of the Open Door Mission of Rochester help collect non-perishable food donated during this year’s Move-out Cleanout.

Move-out Cleanout 2017 collected 2,960 pounds of non-perishable food. In the final collection week alone, students donated 1,229 pounds of food, which is more than the grand total collected in 2012. Students also donated 18,137 pounds of clothing and shoes to Planet Aid, which nearly doubles the total collected in 2014! Students also donated 1,179 pounds of electronics to be recycled.

The grand totals of both food and clothing donations ranked the 2017 Move-out Cleanout second place in the University’s history.  In the record year of 2015, students donated a whopping 3,046 pounds of non-perishable food and 18,578 pounds of clothing and shoes.

Sustainability Coordinator Amy Kadrie would like to thank everyone who helped make 2017 a successful year for the Move-out Cleanout, including Robert Williams and Chris Scribani of The Open Door Mission of Rochester, Jose Delgado of Planet Aid, and Tom Smith of University Facilities and Services who helps set out collection barrels each year. “This continues to be one of the programs I feel the most pride for. Not only are we helping to keep material out of the landfill, but we are helping people in need, right here in Rochester!” Both in and out of the office, Kadrie advocates numerous programs that help others in need, including blood and tissue donation, eyeglasses donation, and food banks.

Grassroots Chair Andie Burkey (Class of ’18) poses with a collection of refrigerators from Dump and Run program.

Along with Move-out Cleanout, Grassroots held their annual “Dump & Run” event. The club members collect unwanted and gently-used appliances and furniture that would be typically be thrown away by students in the rush of moving out. The items collected are then put up for sale at the club’s fundraiser during Orientation.

Both Move-out Cleanout and Dump & Run exist to encourage students to avoid sending their unwanted items to the landfill, and their donations have been able to help many in need. To see photos of the Move-out Cleanout 2017 event, follow the link to our Facebook album.


Written by Michaela Burrell, Class of 2020

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