Spring Cleaning Tips

The end of the year often prompts spring cleaning. As you prepare your house for the start of spring, take inventory of the clothing you haven’t worn, sort through your linens, and gather the canned soup you told yourself you would eat last winter. The following are some tips to help you get rid of your clutter:



Look to see if you can repurpose the items you want to get rid of. Do you have a pair of jeans that could be transformed into capris or shorts? Perhaps you own bed sheets that can be repurposed into pillow covers. Think outside of the box.



If there are items you can easily part ways with, give them away. If it’s clothing, search for a local secondhand shop that accepts donations. If it’s canned food that hasn’t expired, search for a local food pantry to donate your goods to. If you’re on the River campus, locate the yellow and blue donation bins marked for clothing and food to drop off your unwanted items.



Before you head to the grocery or department store to buy more items, take inventory of what you already have. Make a list and separate items into different categories based on their use. Categories may include items you find valuable and would purchase again, items you find somewhat useful, but maybe could do without, and items you would not purchase again.


Written by Darya Nicol, Class of 2016

Photo courtesy of Pixabay