Student’s Corner

The average person creates around 4 pounds of waste a day. With the goal of a more sustainable life in mind, how can we work towards reducing this number? Especially as a busy college student, much of our waste is created when we’re on the go.

One thing to try to cut out is plastic utensils. They’re everywhere, from the office to the local coffee shop to that nearby fast food joint. And if you’re like me, often getting your food on the go, it may seem like you have no choice. What’s wrong with this picture? For one, plastic utensils are often not recyclable; they’re so abundant and cheap that we rarely think about the impact we’re having when we use them. What can we do? Switch to a reusable set of portable utensils. Whether you’re simply carrying around your silverware, or investing in a pair of the “To-Go Ware” bamboo utensils, the impact you could have is huge.

Written by Teddi Shapiro, class of 2019