Campus Post Office Reuse and Recycling

In our ongoing venture to reduce waste on campus, the Campus Mail Center (CMC) collects packaging material for reuse in the Package Reuse Station. Here, customers have access to free bubble wrap, packing peanuts, cardboard and other materials to get there packages ready to ship. They can also donate items from their own packages to the station so that others can make use. But with the major increase of packages shipped to students at the beginning of each semester, more materials are generated than can be reused.

In response, we have partnered with UPS who accepts packing peanuts and air bags for reuse. Last month we delivered 6 garbage bags full of air bags and 1 bag of packing peanuts to UPS so that they can be reused. We will continue to do this as excess materials accumulate. Thanks to CMC Supervisor Pete Lootens for overseeing this program!

With Amazon and online shopping in general growing in popularity, the CMC has seen major increases in packages received. As a result, there has been an increase in cardboard on campus that we aim to recycle. During the first four weeks of each semester, our cardboard recycling container utilized by the CMC is emptied daily! And it still isn’t enough to keep up! Part of the issue is that most patrons do not break down their boxes, so the  container fills fast. In preparation for next year’s move-in Facilities will be hiring two student employees to simply break the boxes down and bring them to the proper collection location.

The University will also be adding Amazon locker boxes to campus, to give students other options for packages. One will be located outside of ITS and will be accessible 27/7.

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