Who is TED?

#STOTW – this week’s sustainability tip of the week All about Ted Talks.


TED talks are some of the most informative videos found on the internet today. These short, yet compact videos are on a wide variety topics, ranging from economics, politics, the environment, technology, etc. For every topic, there is probably a relevant TED talk. The talks are given by knowledgeable and experienced people in their relevant fields. TED which stands for Technology, entertainment, and Design is a nonprofit devoted to spreading ideas. The talks can be streamed for free in more than 100 languages.

One of the most intriguing parts of TED is their wide array of speakers and authors. TED talks are given by people with different opinions and from different backgrounds. No two TED talks are the same, and each one introduces new ideas to its audience.

While TED is best known for its videos, the organization also has many other great resources. Along with short videos, TED also has what they call “playlists” on certain topics. These playlists are a series of talks all related to the same issue or idea. Some of the best environmental playlists include “Ocean Wonders”, “The end of Oil?”, “Sustainable by Design”, and “Natural Wonders”. The TED website also features articles on current events, science, technology, business, and design. Books are also sometimes featured on the website.



Written by:  Alyssa Lemire, Class of 2017

Image by: urban_data