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With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I thought I would share some green gift ideas with you guys whether its for your significant other, family, or a friend.

  1. If you’re artistic, why not make something special for your someone special? Painting, drawing, crafting, or even making a card by hand is not only more personal, it saves money, and is more sustainable.
  2. Bake something! Everyone loves delicious homemade baked goods. Baking is fun and relaxing, and you can even save some for yourself.
  3. Buy some sustainable chocolate. Buying organic or local is not only better for the environment, but it will probably taste better as well.
  4. Give the gift of a plant! My mom got be a succulent garden (hi mom!!!) for my birthday and I love it. It is the perfect decoration for my room and it requires very little attention.
  5. Try giving an organic candle. Candles are not only romantic, but they smell amazing too. Alternative candles are available made from things like beeswax and soy.
  6. Pick out an all-natural perfume or cologne. Natural oils make great scents and are much safer than traditional perfumes which can be full of alcohol and other chemicals.
  7. Don’t give a gift at all! Instead, try a new restaurant, go to the spa, or just set aside some time to spend together.

Written by Alyssa Lemire, Class of 2017

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