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I’m sure you’ve heard the quote “new year, new me” before, right? With the start of the new year, people often have goals to do better and to be better version of themselves. As a result, revamping the wardrobe might be up there on the to do list. If you have clothes you plan on getting rid of, here are some places (or places with bins) you can probably find near you to bring your assorted attire:

  1. Salvation Army – Items sold at “Family Stores,” proceeds used to fund Adult Rehabilitation Centers
  2. Goodwill – Items sold at stores or online, proceeds used to fund job training and other services
  3. Vietnam Veterans of America – Items given to veterans in need
  4. Dress of Success – Provides women with professional attire and support network
  5. Career Gear – Provides men with professional attire for their job interviews
  6. Big Brother Big Sister – Converts clothing into cash, and gives all profits to mentoring programs
  7. Planet Aid – Takes clothes for recycling and donation, goal is to keep all textiles out of the trash
  8. Savers – Items sold in stores, supports nonprofits nearby and keeps clothing out of landfills
  9. Soles 4 Souls (also has a Clothes 4 Souls section) – Gives old shoes to those who need them

You can also look for any local second-hand/thrift stores, or church/school clothing drives.

And while you’re at it, consider “Upcycling” some of your goods, meaning reusing discarded objects or materials by turning them into something new and better. (Check out Upcycle That for ideas!)

Written by Teddi Shapiro, Class of 2019

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