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With the winter holidays just around the corner, now is as good a time as ever to be the “Green Grinch.” Here are just a few holiday traditions I find to be less-than-sustainable:

  1. Holiday Lights
  1. Gingerbread Houses
    • Sure, gingerbread houses can be a great tradition for the kids, but with companies making their sugary supplies less appealing and less edible each year, it becomes increasingly more infrequent that people will eat their sweet masterpieces. That’s a lot of food unnecessarily going in the trash…
    • So what can you do? Make your own gingerbread house kits! Using supplies from the grocery store, you’ll probably even have leftover food you could use for other meals, decreasing your food wast enormously
  1. Holiday Trees
  2. Wrapping Paper
  3. Candles
    • Paraphin candles, the most commonly used candles, are made from petroleum. When burnt, they emit harmful chemicals into the air
    • So what can you do? Use soy and beeswax candles instead! They emit no harmful chemicals and are biodegradable

Being sustainable for the holidays does not mean celebrating them any less. Rather, it means being more mindful of the consequences your actions can have!

Written by Teddi Shapiro, class of 2019

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  1. love the bit about alternatives to wrapping paper. my wife keeps all the wrapping that she gets every year. great savings but it sure takes up a lot of space!

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