The Green Dandelion Reaches 1,000 Articles

The Green Dandelion—the University of Rochester sustainability blog—has reached a milestone 1,000 articles! The blog serves as a forum for discussion and communication of sustainability on all of the University of Rochester’s campuses and beyond. The Green Dandelion was originally created by University Facilities and Services in September of 2009.

New content is added to The Green Dandelion every week with information pertaining to programs and opportunities in sustainability at the University of Rochester. Articles cover a range of topics including, energy, ecology, recycling, waste reduction, green building, transportation, and more. There are three main feature types of articles published on the Green Dandelion. These include Go Green articles, the Sustainability Tip of the Week, and Student’s Corner articles.

Go Green articles, like the article you are now reading, focus on sustainability news at the University. They are meant to keep students, faculty, and staff informed about events and updates related to sustainability at the University of Rochester. They are written in a professional and formal tone. Go Green articles are published every other Monday in the blog and are also featured in the @Rochester employee electronic newsletter, the student electronic newsletter The Report, and sometimes other sources such as URMC intranet.

A Sustainability Tip of the Week is posted to the blog every Wednesday. The Sustainability Tip of the Week focuses on a different topic each week and provides information, advice, and tips on sustainability. These tips cover a wide array of topics to reach beyond sustainability within the University and aimed at cultivating a sustainable lifestyle. If you are looking to learn more about sustainability or how to incorporate sustainable practices into your life, these articles are a great resource.

Another feature of The Green Dandelion is the Student’s Corner. Student’s Corner articles provide the perspective of a University of Rochester student. Written by Facilities Team Green interns, they allow students to voice their opinions and help spread awareness. Topics can include politics, campus events, social issues, sustainability initiatives, etc. Look for these articles every Friday on The Green Dandelion.

The blog is also utilized to promote recycling and sustainability events at the University. All posts published on the Green Dandelion cater to a wide audience. The majority of articles are targeted towards employees, faculty, and students on the River Campus, Medical Center, Eastman School of Music, and the Memorial Art Gallery. Other than University of Rochester members, the blog also caters to the local community and the general public who may be interested in sustainability.

All articles published on The Green Dandelion are also posted on the Facebook page, UR Sustainable. The Facebook page is also a great source of information about sustainability at the University of Rochester. There you can find photos, videos, events, and articles. Currently, Facilities Team Green is working on launching a series of “Sixty Second Sustainability” videos. Five of these videos are geared towards students and the next five will be geared towards ways that employees can be sustainable in the office. These videos and others can also be found on the UR Sustainable YouTube page.

To stay connected you can subscribe directly to The Green Dandelion, or you can click “like” on the UR Sustainable Facebook page. For more information about the Green Dandelion and other ways the University Facilities and Services wants to keep you connected, please contact Sustainability Coordinator, Amy Kadrie by email at or by phone at 585-362-5739.

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