Job Success

I heard this information and wrote it down – cannot find the source again, but it made me think about how I perform at work and what is important.

75% of Job Success comes from –

25% optimism

25% social support

25% ability to see stress as a challenge rather than a threat


Many people I work with easily meet the first 50% of job success, but fail at seeing stress and specifically change as a challenge rather than a threat. This group of people tend to focus on the negative and bring the whole group of co-workers down with them. The social support in low stress times makes the work environment fun and in this situation this group of people outperforms other groups. Once stress and change are added to the mix, performance suffers. Job Success, happiness and sustainability go hand-in-hand; improving one will typically improve the other.


I wonder if anyone has recommendations on how to help people take a stressful situation and turn it into a challenge rather than a threat. I would love to hear your ideas and recommendations.



This fabulous photo is by: Mish Sukharev


Revtank Outtakes, From the photo shoot for the band Revtank ( in promotion of their debut album “Wanderings”. Model Carl Johnson.

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