Go Green with an E Card

Are you sick of having to buy paper cards for every occasion? Birthdays, graduations, weddings, baby showers, holidays, thank you notes… With each event, you have to buy a new card that will be looked at for a few minutes and will likely then be thrown away. With the holiday season quickly approaching, why not try to think about a more sustainable way of wishing people “happy holidays!” Try sending out ecards this year!

Ecards are exactly what they sound like – electronic greeting cards. They can be customized and personalized, and then shared with friends and family over email or social media. They can even be interactive or incorporate videos and music. Check out the list below for websites that you can use to make your very own ecard:

Do you like the idea of making your cards sustainable, but you’re still attached to the good-old-fashioned way of handwritten cards? Then check out ReProduct’s Zero Waste Greeting Cards. The idea is simple:

  • Send one of ReProduct’s Zero Waste Greeting Cards to a friend
  • Your friend receives the beautiful card, and then uses the enclosed, prepaid envelope to send the card to Shaw Industries
  • Then, 100% of the greeting card is used to make new carpet backing

You can check out a video demo of this interesting new way of sending greeting cards at the ReProduct website.

Written by Ciara McGillivray, Class of 2018

Photo by James Kimberlin  flickr.com/photos/23516766@N04/  Taken on February 5, 2008

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