Water Bottle Refill Stations on Campus

In an effort to reduce consumption of plastic water bottles and to promote sustainability on campus, the River Campus is home to numerous water bottle refill stations that students can use to fill up reusable water bottles. These stations were added across campus in 2009, and can be found in the following locations:


  • Fauver Stadium, concourse level, center area
  • Goergen Athletic Center, ground floor, at entrance to the pool
  • Goergen Athletic Center, ground floor, squash court hallway
  • Goergen Athletic Center, 1st floor, at Men & Women’s locker room entrance
  • Goergen Athletic Center, 2nd floor, Varsity weight room
  • Goergen Athletic Center, 2nd floor, free weight area
  • Hoyt Auditorium, lower level, in tunnel hall
  • Hutch Hall, 1st floor, at entrance to auditorium
  • Morey Hall, 2nd floor hallway
  • Rush Rhees Library, ground floor, Library Road entrance
  • Rush Rhees Library, ground floor, next to the Art Gallery
  • Rush Rhees Library, 1st floor, Quad entrance, across from the Ghandi Room
  • Schlegel Hall, 2nd floor, by the elevators
  • Wilson Commons, 4th floor, across from the May Room (room 407)


In addition, many water fountains in residential buildings have been fitted with refill stations, so you can refill on the go, or in your dorm! Newer refill stations have even been equipped with counters that keep track of how many plastic bottles worth of water have been saved from use, so that you can keep an eye on how you’re contributing to sustainability on campus. Keep these refill stations in mind next time you go to purchase a disposable water bottle – go for the greener, reusable option instead!


Ciara McGillivray, Class of 2018


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