5 Painless Ways to Conserve Water

I received my water bill in the mail this week. Most times, I toss the extra papers and don’t pay any attention to them. Today, I stopped and took a minute to read:

5 Painless Ways to Conserve Water

With the growing droughts across the nation, I felt I am obligated to read and (hopefully) participate in the conservation of water. The list is short and painless:

  1. Fix the leaky faucet – all of mine are working properly.
  2. Water at night or early in the morning – we don’t water our lawn often, but I will take this advice.
  3. Keep a pitcher of water in the fridge instead of waiting for cold water – now this one makes total sense.
  4. Install reduced flow shower heads – done!
  5. Stop the phantom flush – all working properly.

You can read more and see how-to videos at www.MCWA.com


Thanks to Monroe County Water Authority for sharing! Happy drinking!


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