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I’m going to make a product recommendation this week. It’s time you all are learned in the magic and versatility that is Dr. Bronner’s soap.

Dr. Bronner’s soap is amazing and it has a pretty interesting story as well (Emanuel Bronner was a pretty “interesting” guy). The bottles boast of the 18-in-1 uses for the “Magic Soap.” I’ve used Dr. Bronner’s for 10 of its different uses now, and I absolutely love the product.

It is a very sustainable company that strives to help the people who work for it as well as the environment. For example, they use sustainable palm oil, which, if you know anything about unsustainable palm oil, is a huge deal. Dr. Bronner’s also became completely Fair Trade a few years ago, which only provides further incentive to buy it.

It’s an incredibly inexpensive product that goes a very long way. It has so many different uses and it is very sustainable. It also provides some very interesting reading for your showers.

The cheapest 32 oz. bottle I could find online was here, but I’ve found it between $10 and $12 at Trader Joe’s and Wegmans. Although that may seem like a lot of money for 32 ounces of soap, keep in mind that Dr. Bronner’s goes a lot further than other soaps. In fact, it is wise to dilute the soap in another bottle for other uses because it is significantly more concentrated than other soaps and cleaning products. You can find a dilution cheat sheet here, which also lists 18 uses for the soap.

Dr. Bronner’s did not pay me to write this. In fact, they don’t pay anyone to advertise for them; they simply don’t advertise. That company amazes me.


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Written by Mariah Greico, Class of 2018