Student’s Corner

It’s July 3rd, which (if my math is correct) means tomorrow is the 4th of July. Here are my last-minute sustainable suggestions for a greener Independence Day:

Ditch the AC. I know Rochester weather can be described as iffy at best, but spend as much time outside as you can. Don’t run the air conditioner while you aren’t indoors and try to refrain from using it even when you are inside. Play some lawn games, eat some snacks, and enjoy the weather

Use reusable plates or just avoid plates altogether. Don’t waste money on single-use plates and silverware. Set out big bowls of fruit and veggies. Better yet, use your fruit as a bowl (I’m thinking melons here, but get creative). It will bring people closer together and will save money and waste. Who really needs a plate to hold a burger or a hot dog, anyway? If your guests must have them, set out some reusable plates.

If you go out to a park, pick up after yourself. Everyone loves a good cookout or a picnic. Just be sure to pick up your trash and dispose of it properly because littering isn’t cool.

Watch the local professional fireworks show. Fireworks can be extremely dangerous and harmful to the environment if not handled properly. If you’re in New York State, going to a professional show is the only means of viewing legal fireworks anyway. It will probably be a better show and it’s a great way to connect with your community.

There you go; four quick tips for a green and great fourth. Have fun and be safe, everyone!


Written by Mariah Greico, Class of 2018