New “Green Confessions” Video

The Facilities Team Green student interns have feverishly worked on many projects this academic year, including RecycleMania, and now Earth Day is just around the corner. One of the group’s latest creations is a video titled Green Confessions.  In this video the team interviews their fellow classmates to explore what areas in their lives pertaining to sustainability they think they score well in, and what areas admittedly need improvement.

While providing entertainment, the video also includes useful information on how to Go Green at the University and beyond. It can also serve as a tool for viewers to self-reflectively ask the same questions being asked of the interviewees in the video.

A special thanks to Leslie Wolf (Class of 2015), Julie Elliot (Class of 2015) and Linda Shackles (Class of 2017) for creating this video, as well as to everyone who was interviewed in this video displaying their committment to being “ever better“!

Share the video on the UR Sustainable Facebook page to become eligible to win a free water bottle!


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