March Eyeglasses Collection

In conjunction with the Recyclemania competition and National Eye Donor Month, University Facilities and Services will be collecting eyeglasses through the month of March to be recycled. This month, you can mail your unwanted glasses to: University Mail Services at PO Box 270001. On the River Campus, you can also drop them off at the Common Connections office of Wilson Commons from March 1 to March 14.

Prescription and reading glasses, sunglasses and plastic and metal frames are acceptable. Broken parts and pieces are ok! We are partnering with the Rochester/Finger Lakes Eye and Tissue Bank  and ultimately the glasses are sent to the Lions Club where program volunteers clean, sort, and package the glasses.  Usable glasses are then sent to those in need, mostly in developing countries.

Our pilot program held last August was a success and we are pleased to offer this program once again.

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2 Replies to “March Eyeglasses Collection”

  1. The approach to use the broken and scrap eye glasses through the recycling not only make it safe for the environment but also provide the cheap rate eyeglasses to the many needy person. “keep it up”

  2. What a cool way to use unwanted or broken eye glasses for a good cause. I love it when organizations use materials that are already present in order to accomplish a goal. Hopefully this will go along way to find a cure for forms of blindness.

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