Student’s Corner

A question for Monroe County residents- do you take the bus?  It’s only a dollar, which is actually the lowest fare in New York State, and RTS is even offering free rides from now until New Years!

As a student without a car, I mainly rely on buses and shuttles when I need to leave campus or my neighborhood. Public transportation is inexpensive, allows you to accomplish other tasks while you travel, eases traffic congestion, and helps to decrease CO2 emissions.

There are numerous improvements that should be considered for Rochester’s public transit. For example, Reconnect Rochester announced a new project to address the lack of seating available at bus stops. The organization developed inexpensive and sturdy cubes that will provide a place for riders to rest while waiting for the bus. Upon testing the cubes in several locations throughout the city, the organization  received overwhelmingly positive feedback. Reconnect Rochester is still seeking funding from neighborhood groups and donors, but this project will definitely brighten up the city if it reaches completion.

In other exciting news, RTS just opened a new transit center downtown in November. The building is Silver-LEED Certified, with 30 bus bays, and the ability to handle 100 buses per hour. It is entirely indoors with heated floors; a welcome feature especially during the winter. Rochesterians are excited about the development and its potential for urban improvement:

“The road to this moment was long, but I am proud to say that Rochester’s new downtown Transit Center has finally arrived at its destination, and will soon provide residents, commuters, and travelers with the state-of-the-art station they deserve. All told, this transit center could spell major economic growth for the entire region, bringing new business and new jobs in by the busload. “  – Charles E. Schumer, United States Senator

What are your thoughts on public transportation in Rochester?


Written by Leslie Wolf, Class of 2015