More Bikes Donated!

Earlier this month, approximately 80 unclaimed bikes were donated by Public Safety and Horticulture and Grounds. The two departments team up several times per year to collect, hold, and ultimate donate abandoned bicycles. Bikes collected through this program are donated to  R Community Bikes where they will be put to use by those in need in the Rochester area. The organization was extremely pleased to receive so many bikes, as they will be particularly helpful during the holiday season.

Brian Rushford with Public Safety would like to thank Dan Schied, Mike Miller and his crew from the Grounds department as well as DPS Officers Jayme Woodin & Tiffany Street for helping to tag, remove, and store the bikes.

Not only does this program help free up much needed space on the campus bike racks but it also keeps these bikes out of landfills and gets them into the hands of local community members who need them most. A true win-win situation for all. Go Green!

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