New Eyeglasses Recycling Pilot Program at UR

Did you know that you can recycle your old unwanted prescription and non-prescription eyeglasses, sunglasses, reading glasses, and frames? The Recycling Office, part of University Facilities and Services at the University of Rochester, is currently working together with the Optical Shop, the Rochester Eye Tissue Bank and the Canandaigua Lions Club in piloting a new eyeglasses recycling program for the month of August, in conjuction with National Eye Exam Month. The University of Rochester is offering a mail in program for the recycling of these materials. You can send them through the interdepartmental mail system to University Mail Services, P.O. Box 270001. Once the eyeglasses are collected they are then taken to the Canandaigua Lions Club who then sends them on to a regional location where they are cleaned, sorted by prescription strength, and packaged.  Most are distributed to people in need in developing countries. The Lions Club International is a leading organization in collecting, recycling, and donating glasses in their efforts to improve sight and prevent blindness among those in need. Donate your old unwanted glasses today and help give the gift of sight to someone who needs it and allow them to see what you can see.

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Written by Fazeelah Chappell

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8 Replies to “New Eyeglasses Recycling Pilot Program at UR”

  1. Thanks for reaching out. Yes, donations are tax-deductable and if you would like to send in your contact information, we can provide you with a letter.

  2. As of right now, this is a pilot program and if it takes off and is successful we will consider a drop off location on River Campus and at the Medical Center.

  3. You are very welcome! We are happy to be able to offer a program for recycling eyeglasses.

  4. Thanks for the suggestion. Just updated the article with the interdepartmemtal address. Happy Recycling

  5. YAY for recycling. My one comment would be that for those interested in donating our used/unwanted/old glasses it would be helpful to include the interdepartmental address in the article. Also is drop off permitted/

  6. Thank you for this opportunity! For a long time I have been thinking of giving my old glasses for re-use, I didn’t just want to throw them away. In the past I have seen collection boxes around but I didn’t have my glasses; when I had my glasses, I forgot where the boxes were located!

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