A Fond Farwell…

Hello All … It is with sadness that I announce I will be leaving University Facilities and Services, yet with joy that I announce I will be starting a new chapter with Residential Life. My time here has been a very memorable one; full of new experiences, rewards, and continuous learning. I have been fortunate enough to have worked with an amazing team of folks, whose talent and knowledge base I have benefitted from immensely. Before filling in as the acting Recycling Coordinator, I thought I knew a little something about recycling, I now know that I was wrong. After working as the acting Recycling Coordinator these last few months, I have to admit, I definitely have a new appreciation for recycling and sustainability. I have learned so much, from knowing what can or cannot be recycled to knowing how to become more sustainable in day to day practices.

As I begin my new road with Res Life, I will take with me the memories, advice, knowledge, and friendships I have gained from my days working in Facilities and Services and build upon all of it in order to continue to work to the best of my abilities. Thank You to everyone at University Facilities and Services – I have had a wonderful time here and will fondly remember every moment of it!

Written by Fazeelah Chappell

3 Replies to “A Fond Farwell…”

  1. Fazeelah – We will miss you, it has been a pleasure working with you and we know you will be successful in all that you do. Thanks for making your own mark on the recycling program at the University!

  2. I read your Farewell Note with a great deal of interest. To recognize, to appreciate and to be sincerely thankful for the opportunity to learn and grow, and to be cognizant of the contributions of others to one’s life, I think, are the signs of aspiration to continuously improve, grow and to make positive contributions. Based on that I can say with confidence that you will do very well wherever you go and whatever you. All the very best to you.

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