Green College

Did you know that you can have a green college experience starting at your own dorm? It is a whole lot easier than you would think. Here are some great tips to get you going!

1) Pack lightly for college

Students always have the tendency to pack too much when they are leaving home to go to college for the first time. It is not only inconvenient to ship everything from home but sometimes also very expensive. The trick is to try to get as many things as you can locally. It saves both time and money.

2) It doesn’t have to be new

Seniors in college often want to sale their old refrigerator, microwaves, and other furniture. Most of them are still in great conditions. Why not buy it from them? Again your wallet will thank you later.

3) Ebook textbooks

Textbooks are often a big pain for college students. However a lot of textbooks are actually available in pdf files. Sometimes they are even free to download. You just need to dig and do your research well. It will be worth it when you know how much you can save. It is also much easier to travel with all your textbooks on your laptop as opposed to carrying a ten pound book.

4) No air conditioner

This is one of the most eco-friendly things you can do as a college student. It saves a whole lot of energy. Reduce the heat by simply open your window, bring a fan, or even just go on campus where there is air conditioner.

5) Mini fridge

When you are getting a mini fridge be sure it is energy-star or other low-energy certified. This in terms can save you 50% of the energy use of regular appliances. Of course a better way would be to share a large fridge with your roommates. It is more energy efficient.

6) Cooking in dorm

The microwave and toaster oven combo may never even cross your mind before, but by combining these two cooking appliances with a cheap rice cooker, you’ve got yourself a nearly perfect eco-kitchen. All three of these appliances provide high energy efficiencies relative to their big-kitchen counterparts. You should be all good with food now!


Written by: Wendy Long, Class of 2016

Photo by: Muhammad Riza, Bike parking in the front of dormitory 3 NTUST


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