Crayon Recycling Program!

We are happy to announce the start of a new Crayon Recycling Program at the URMC Children’s School. The program essentially involves the collection of any old, broken, and unwanted crayons. Children at the school, specifically the Pre-K class, were asked to decorate a box for the crayon collection. Once this was completed, they were visited by the acting University Recycling Coordinator, Fazeelah Chappell to explain the details of the program and the benefits recycling crayons has on the environment. The response to this program has been very well received by all members at the school. The children and teachers are very excited about this new recycling initiative and in just a very short time have already filled up the box with crayons. This is a wonderful learning opportunity and experience for the children. It gives them a better understanding about what it means to recycle and it also gives them a sense of ownership that this is something of their personal belongings that they are recycling. Once the crayons are collected from the school they will be mailed to an organization called Crazy Crayons, where the crayons will be sorted, melted down, strained, sterilized, and then hand poured into new functional works of art for kids to enjoy. This crayon recycling program is mostly about educating young folks about recycling and how every little bit they do can make a difference in helping the environment and the planet. So the next time you have any unwanted crayons lying around, don’t throw them away – recycle them!

Crayon Collection Box Decorated by Pre-K Class
Crayon Collection Box Decorated by Pre-K Class

Written by Fazeelah Chappell

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