Rochester Greenovation!

Upcycled art made from an old golf club and wine bottles

Are you looking for an alternative way to reduce waste? Rochester Greenovation is the place for you. Rochester Greenovation’s mission is to strengthen local communities through environmentally conscious initiatives, waste diversion, and education. Rochester Greenovation has been in existance for three years and  is an all volunteer based organization with about 12 vendors who rent space to sell their repurposed or upcycled merchandise. They accept donations of almost anything, some of which are then sold for reuse and the rest are recycled. This organization strives to educate and promote the endless possibilities that arise from reusing materials and transforming them into new products. This is done through a program they offer called Sustainable Saturdays. Sustainable Saturdays originally started on Earth Day, but because everyday should be earth day it now held on the 2nd Saturday of every month at Rochester Greenovation, 1199 East Main Street. Rochester, NY 14609. This is an opportunity for community members to learn and participate through education and networking how one can renew, rebuild, and reduce the amount of waste generated by creating something new. Local artists come and demonstrate how materials can be upcycled. Upcycling is taking materials that would otherwise be thrown away and then utilizing those materials to create something new. This is just one example of the type of workshops that are held during Sustainability Saturdays. There also a number of food vendors and environmental groups that participate in this program tabling and offering sustainable tips and information. So the next time you think about throwing something away that is either broken or unwanted, think about donating it to Rochester Greenovation to be reused and repurposed into something new.

Written by Fazeelah Chappell

Donations made by community members


A men’s suit jacket reused and made into new bookbag




5 Replies to “Rochester Greenovation!”

  1. Is there somewhere where I could sort of online browse your store?
    I’m looking for some basic building materials I’m sure you carry regularly but I am at work and you are nowhere on my route.

    If not could you create a Facebook page and create an album where you might add photos of stuff you have on hand as it comes in with pricing?

  2. Good afternoon,

    My name is Bri Gesler and I am the Assistant Account Manager for Delaney Marketing. This year, my team has been given the opportunity to help coordinate Lollypop Farm’s annual gala–There’s No Place Like Home.

    As we plan for our Wizard of Oz themed event on June 3rd I was hoping that you may be interested in loaning us/letting us borrow some items we could use as staple decor pieces for our “Kansas” scene. We are looking for the following: vintage bikes, farm tools, wooden giant wheels, etc. Anything you think may look like it’s from the “Kansas” scene from the Wizard of Oz.

    This gala event is one night only and we sincerely hope that if applicable, you would consider loaning us items that could be used for event decor for this wonderful cause. I would be happy to discuss specific details further if necessary.

    I want to thank you on behalf of Lollypop Farm for taking this request into consideration. I hope to hear from you soon!


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