New Bike Cages at URMC – East Drive

The University of Rochester Medical Center recently installed new covered bike cages at the East Drive entrance of the parking garage. This is the second fully enclosed, weather-protected, secure bike cage in the ramp garage. This supplements the existing cage at the Elmwood Avenue entrance. The new bike cages were installed as a result of an increased interest and demand in biking to work. There was a waiting list for the Elmwood Avenue cages and the new cages were built to address this issue. There are 43 spots for bikes in the new cages. For $40.00 a year, users can access the cage through card swipe-access then lock their bike in the cage. For an additional $44.00, users can also purchase a locker and shower access to URMC’s Fitness and Wellness Center. The arrangement with the fitness center was created to encourage more riding by making it easy for an employee to bike to work and still clean up before starting their job.

In 2009, 1.2% of University employees biked to work. This number is expected to increase, with rising fuel costs, lengthy traffic, and as more people partake in a healthy lifestyle. The University has agreed to build another cage when a new location is found. There are some prospective areas since there are many places in a garage where cars can’t fit that could host a cage. However, it is important to find a location that would be an easy access area for the bikers.

Director of Parking and Transportation Services Hugh E. Kierig, AICP, is very excited about the new cages. “Biking is an important mode of transportation,” he says, “it is a mode that we want to promote.” Biking reduces parking demand and promotes a healthy lifestyle for University employees. The new bike cages are a welcomed addition for the department of parking and transportation services.

If you are interested in biking to work or would like more information, please click here.

Written by Lauren Henry, class of 2014

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